About kennel

How it all began ....

Of course, it started it is prayed dog - poodle in childhood. My first dreamed dog has become a dwarf white female poodle that I procure more parents. It was a sweet girl, in which I learned what it means to be a responsible man for the life of the animal, what it takes is for someone to care what it takes to get up in the morning and walk the walk before the start of school .... unfortunately life fentky finished wheels a passing car when she was only two years ... Sadness and sorrow for white bitch at the time stave off parents, who brought the family a dwarf silver poodle bitch Pegs, and here somewhere began to love this color variety and a poodle at all. The poodle was unreal, it has become an absolute part of my life, accompanied me literally always and everywhere, in my very frequent wandering in the woods and fields of Slovak Karst and Volovec mountains, "Vychodil" me college was part of my 5-year research water avifauna in Slovenskokm beauty and became equally a part of my passion to another animal species - the wolf (Canis lupus). Girl went with me to hunt wolves in the wild, collect faecal samples and contributing to the identification of wolf terminals .... but that's another story :-)

Pegy has accompanied my life to the age of 16.5 years, which has left this world forever. Died as a big part of me ... it was a difficult period when I was about since decided that I will not live without a dog, so they have to separate my life got another black female that has grown in size to miniature poodle. Phoebe is just as crazy and passionate as I am, and this is a big relief. This is passionately in everything they undertake to me, seeing how at you bitches clothes off, it comes in leather jump .... yes, and she loves mountains and nature as I do not mind the mapping owls and nocturnal species of birds in the light Headlamps, or just, in the moonlight ... poodles are just incredibly malleable animals. And since I have "master in his house," I have fulfilled a dream and another part of the terminal has become a dwarf silver poodle female Comtessa Angelino Mini, which is also the founder of our kennel Dal paese dei Lupi. Thus we get to the actual station name, which means nothing more than "From the country of wolves." For a country where you can still own eyes see a wolf in the wild, at nights you can become a witness his hunt for wild boars, or you can hear the howl wolf pack just in the silence of the night listening to the lap of nature, far from civilization, while alongside will truly worth your dog "couch poodle" - and feels like home.

And at that time shall begin to write a new phase of my life, concerning the exhibitions in which it has participated Tessa, and still attends concerning stud, own breeding ... Indeed, thanks to this hitherto unknown world, I met a lot of great people, new friends, and friends, as well passionately crazy about dogs and to life itself .... many thanks for it. Comtessa and her future puppies, exhibitions and live with poodle is dedicated to this website.